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The materials chosen in the creation of The Warren Township War Memorial, were materials that have proven longevity. Bringing the different materials together as a cohesive sculpture caused great difficulty at times during the manufacturing process. Design decisions and changes were needed to keep the project on schedule and true to the original concept.

Kurt Freehauf chose Bedlam Architectural Metalworks of New Jersey to manufacture the bronze star top. He chose Granite Industries of Vermont to produce the five triangular shaped black columns that make up the star shape, the granite cap that holds the bronze star and the round white granite base. Granite Industries also handled the name inscription, according to Kurt Freehauf's design. Granite Industries input on the project was invaluable.

The Warren Township War Memorial also contains a bas-relief dedication plaque that was inset into the base. Kurt Freehauf chose Matthews Bronze to produce his plaque design that includes a landing bald eagle.
Warren Township War Memorial
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