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The Warren Township War Memorial was built in honor of Warren Township men and women who served in the military during wartime to keep America free. Kurt F. W. Freehauf, the designer of the Warren Township War Memorial, conceptualized the "Granite Star".

Kurt's solution for the Warren Township War Memorial came after a month of conceptualizing during February 2002. While visualizing different patriotic symbols, the star proved to be one of the strongest possible design elements. This simple but complex form became the appropriate solution for this memorial from many considered. Stars are used on the United States flag, where they symbolize the states of the Union. The star is used as an identifying mark on our battle equipment. Stars are also incorporated into numerous medals that are awarded our men and women. The star is a symbol of freedom for America and is very much a part of this country and each citizen.

Kurt F. W. Freehauf submitted his "Granite Star" concept to the war memorial committee in April 2002, and it was accepted. Kurt's time and talent helped bring the memorial to reality. The result was dedicated on Memorial Day 2003.
Warren Township War Memorial
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Kurt Freehauf's design of the bas-relief bronze plaque was produced by Matthews Bronze.